Do you have to be fit to be an escort?


No matter what people say, the appearance matters a lot. It influences our perceptions and even our relationships. Only the image of certain people imposes respect, regardless they speak something or not. Although escorts must possess a pleasant and desirable look, they do not necessary have to be fit. Be natural, cherish yourself and your lovely smile will sure conquer the heart of your attendant!

Escorts’ looks will decide their success

Dress to impress and you will accomplish success. Your outfit matters a lot, you have to be dressed adequately to the place you will go and in case one of your attendants wants you to be dressed in a certain style, you are recommended to follow the instructions. Though you do not necessary have to be toned and athletic, a fit appearance is often associated with a neat and disciplined personality – which is, in fact, something that many gentlemen seek in their companion.

Not all escorts have plenty of time to hit the gym, lift weights and use the bicycle on a daily basis. However, that does not mean that they do not appreciate themselves. They still jog every once in a while, swim in their pool or walk their dogs. They are devoted to a healthy lifestyle and they spend enough time at the beauty salon, too – they sure have to look glamorous in order to have their agendas full.

Escorts love shopping

Escorts love shopping and their good taste in fashion will reflect in their appearance. Their clothes emphasize their alluring bodies and even if they are not quite fit, they will still look amazing in any moment of day or night. Petite, slim, tall, curvy or athletic, all escorts know how to make their entrance and they will attract the attention of everyone as soon as they will enter a room. Whether they are super fit or not, escorts are a wonderful companion for any gentleman who wants to banish loneliness.
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This entry was posted on July 30, 2016.